What if Sales Compensation was your Superpower?

Improve flexibility and transparency to attract and retain talent.

Is Your Current System Holding You Back?

Evaluate if Your Sales Comp Spreadsheet or SPM Tool is limiting your potential. Discover how our proactive, 'look around the corners' approach can bring strategic foresight into your compensation plans, anticipating challenges and seizing opportunities ahead of time.

Why the LC Firm?

Hello and welcome to the LC Firm—where we turn your sales compensation into a superpower! It all began with a simple idea: there’s a smarter way to motivate sales teams and streamline processes. Armed with this vision, we’ve embraced leading-edge tools like Varicent, CaptivateIQ, Xactly, and SAP Commissions to elevate your sales strategies.

At our core, we’re collaborators and innovators dedicated to reimagining how sales compensation can be a catalyst for your business success. Our founder, together with a handpicked team of top experts, has developed effective strategies that go beyond solving problems—they transform them into opportunities for your team to excel and lead.

Think of us as your strategic allies, equipped with the insights and technology you need to surpass your targets and expectations. Ready to unlock your team’s potential? Let’s make sales compensation your secret weapon for achieving extraordinary results!


How do we get more out of our current Sales Compensation Spreadsheet, Varicent, CaptivateIQ, Xactly, Oracle ICM, or SAP ICM Tool?

How do we connect our technologies and provide the sales team a better user experience?

Hear from our Clients

Our clients often remark on the stark difference they experience when partnering with us. At The LC Firm, we deliver world-class solutions for complex challenges, all within a predictable budget and timeline. Here’s what they have to say about working with our dedicated team:

"So happy to partner with you on this project [CaptivateIQ].  You continue to impress! " Heather Lindsey

"After working in Sales Operations for over 20 years, Greg Livengood is the best Sales Compensation Consultant with whom I have worked. " Michael Wegbreit

"Thank you all for the partnership throughout the [SAP Commission] program.  There has been a lot of positive feedback from the field regarding the new program already, so thank you all for the hard work and partnership over the last few years to make this program such a success!" Clint Reiter

"The Varicent project was a significant success, a World Class Project!" Corey Bischoff

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