Companies Overpay 3-5% of Sales Compensation Expense**

Typically, companies rely on the manual spot-check approach to validate sales compensation, which is good for some companies, but for companies who value accuracy, our TestX automation approach addresses sales compensation overpayment.

Our Sales Compensation clients tell us that they appreciate the confidence they get from our TestX sales compensation test automation and this article is an overview of our approach.

LC Firm Customers have a Competive Edge

"Special thanks to Greg and Paul for the AMAZING unit tests of automating the CRL data comparisons and finding/fixing issues before handing over to the business.  This is the FIRST release in my life in Sales Compensation (and I have been here for years) that we did not find a true defect!!!!!    Also, this release will give us a huge performance gain!!!” Sandy Merritt, Microfocus, Sales Compensation QA Lead