Sales Compensation Analytics

Solution Offerings

Sales Compensation Modeling

What are we doing throughout the year to leverage our sales compensation program to monitor and adjust the sales compensation plan performance?


Model and Analyze how changes to the compensation plan affect the compensation calculations


Adjust to market conditions to retain and attract talent as well as align your sales team to your corporate goals.

Mobile Reporting

What compensation data would increase sales effectiveness if delivered on the go? Would our sales team perform better if they could see their sales compensation reports on mobile devices?


Leverage native mobile application to deliver user friendly sales compensation results to mobile devices


Allow your sales team to review sales guidance on their mobile device instead of having to login through a laptop and click through a series of screens.

Credit Intelligence

How much frustration is our sales team facing with crediting?   Most disputes arise from errors here. How much are we overpaying for mistakes in allocating sales credits? 


Let the LC Firm apply their Credit Intelligence analytics on your sales compensation program to identify hidden sources of credit misallocation.


Reduce over payment and credit leakage by making sure sales team members are receiving the correct credit amounts for each sale.