Sales Compensation Strategy

Solution Offerings

Sales Plan Design

Are we losing out on talent due to a competitive market?  How do we define a sales compensation playbook that allows our sales team to excel?


Review the Sales Compensation Plan Playbook and compare to the company strategy as well as your peer market


Create a Sales Compensation Plan Playbook that helps you achieve your corporate strategy while staying competitive in an ever changing market.

Pick a Plan

How do we know that our plans provide a good risk and reward balance?  What if we allowed the sales team to pick their plan based on their comfort of risk and reward?


Evaluate how offering a few variation in the mix, while retaining the same overall plan goal, drives accelerated learning. 


Empower sales team by enabling them dial in their style, level of risk and of possible reward.  Harvest valuable insight about the market and the sales team.

Increase Pay Frequency

How would paying sales compensation more frequently impact the sales team?


3-Steps: 1. Streamline the payment process, 2. Automate the payment process, 3. Tune the performance.


Enable and motivate the sales team with more frequent payments.