Sales Compensation Operations

Case Study

Solution Offerings

Vendor Selection

What technologies are a good fit for our company size and industry?  How do we improve the sales team experience?


Look at the market leading technologies available and currently used in your company to find the right fit  for your program based on cost vs. value.


Alleviate the manual processes and burden of managing sales compensation

Operations Dashboard

What operations analysis are we doing to safeguard sales compensation accuracy? Are we watching for warning signs?


Setup an Operations Dashboard for your sales compensation program to expose processing issues and trends before they affect sales compensation accuracy


A typical Fortune 500 sales compensation program overpays sales compensation 3-5%**.  Monitoring your operations can help you track and safeguard sales compensation accuracy.

Test Automation

How do we know that your calculations and reports are correct?  How do we know that the changes we implemented did not adversely affect other calculations or reports?


Setup an automated exact match solution to verify the calculations.


Reduce the risk of miscalculation and reporting inaccurate information to the sales team.